Friday, October 09, 2009

A reason to enjoy the cold

We are now wrapping up six days in Iceland visiting our friend, Barbara. Barbara was one of our Swiss roommates when we lived outside of Zurich in a Wohngemeinschaft (or shared-housing arrangement) when Kacey and I were first in Switzerland. Barbara is now studying environmental science in the UK, and had a year long assignment to Reykjavik, Iceland that will wrap up this winter.

Iceland has been refreshing. We've learned that the boy loves - or at least tolerates to an extraordinary degree - Arctic wind gusts. When they are mild, he laughs them off. The stronger ones he handles admirably.

Our time here has been marked by contrasting natural beauty - blasts of snowy wind, warm fall days, desolate landscapes, as well as the bright oranges and yellows that mark the change of seasons. And I shouldn't forget the fresh fish, which brings back great memories of my life on the coast of Alabama (and it is well worth noting that our host is an excellent cook!).

To explain why Townes was so bundled into his jacket today, Reykjavik was pounded by wind gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour. Adding below freezing temperatures to the mix, Townes needed a bit of extra help to stay cozy.

Boy, it was windy.

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Rachiley said...

wow - sounds like another great adventure!!!