Monday, November 02, 2009

All dressed up with no place to go

Living in a country that does not celebrate Halloween has never bothered me before but, this year, I felt a bit of a loss. So I made a little costume for Townes and pureed some pumpkin for his dinner on Saturday. His costume was not nearly as elaborate and detailed as the fantastic outfits that my mom labored over every October but every kid needs to dress up on their first Halloween. So Townes was an octopus with eight arms and only one problem- no place to party!

I owe thanks to Maureen and Matt who allowed me to briefly turn their Housewarming party into a costume party last night! Their daughter donned her Disney princess gown for the occasion and their son was in a modified version of his Cardinals outfit. Good enough for us! However, if anyone wants to send us sympathy-mini-snickers bars from their kids' haul, it would help us to not lose sight of the true meaning of Halloween.

Halloween may not be a holiday here but autumn harvest is celebrated everywhere. Here's some requisite pictures from a pumpkin farm that had a Noah's Ark theme for its fantastic pumpkin displays:

Also- a refection on the movies (I don't have the cinematography background for an actual review). Excellent choices by Coy. The film set in London had ridiculous green slime oozing from the creatures. I loved it. And I caught myself clenching my fists while watching The Haunting. Apparently this movie raised the bar on the use of lighting, music, and camera angles to induce fear. Yeah, it worked. I greatly preferred these movies over previous attempts to convince me that horror movies are fun. I'm still in recovery from The Hills Have Eyes.


zach said...

he's such a cute little dude! i'm loving the hat. A for effort on the costume, especially with no one else in the country doing it with you. sorry, no snickers here. apparently they don't celebrate halloween in uganda either. we went to a party but no candy. maybe next year.
miss you guys.

Tammie said...

awesome!!! i can tell you about our second halloween with quinn, what you have to look forward to. he hadn't taken his nap that day, he was not into dressing up, and he doesn't eat that was a grumpy kid who didn't even give us pictures with his whole costume who went to bed early.....ahhhh, second halloween memories....

Aunt sue said...

KC and Coy,
The boy is adorable!!! Loved the costume. Did you receive the pics I sent of the Southerns?? Have you heard the great news from Susan? Know you are glad to be back among friends...see you soon--Aunt Sue
Is The Haunting the same as The Haunting of Hill House?

Anonymous said...

ugh i can't believe you watched the hills have eyes...i couldn't finish it.
the boy looks so cute in his octopus costume, and look at those teeth!
miss you guys,