Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I heart Autumn

Fall seems to be shorter here than back home. The chilly fingers of winter are already trying to push this season out of the way. Snow is predicted for this week and the stores are already filled with Christmas decorations. That's what happens in a country with no Halloween and Thanksgiving to help properly pace the holiday build-up.

Things I have loved about our autumn:
Making pumpkin soup
Long hikes in the woods nearby
Wearing my cozy fleece vest (thank you, Nancy, for not burning it or throwing it away yet!)
Feeding Townes his lunch by the lake so we can watch the swans and then play on the swings at the park
Crunching through fallen leaves while looking up to see the beautiful colors in the trees, I've even caught a few leaves in mid-air...someone once told me that it brings good luck. I don't believe in luck but I always reach my hand out when leaves are falling around me.
Pulling out the corduroys, the gloves, and the hats. The boy has even donned his Iceland tights for our hikes.
Smelling the chestnuts roasting at the Marroni stands that have begun opening around the city
Lots of time for playing indoors

Ahh, autumn. Now if I could find a place to roast some marshmallows over a campfire or watch a high school football game from the stands, I would feel much better about the transition into winter that seems to be upon us.

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Mickey said...

Kacey, ah....nothing beats enjoying a high school football game in the brisk autumn cold. Although our season was cut short this year due to a fight that broke out between the two teams [i.e. "urban" ministry], I was able to enjoy quite a few games in the cool temps with lots of high school friends and some hot chocolate. I am especially grateful for thanksgiving vacation this year since that means a Club-free week! lol