Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is a big day for the Buckleys.
Townes will be celebrating his first birthday on a ten-hour flight to America! We thought it would be best if I have a few extra days in Memphis for all the running about and seeing loved ones so T and I are flying alone. Well, alone and surrounded by patient people who understand how difficult it is to sit still without throwing things and growling. Fingers crossed.

We opted to forgo the traditional big birthday party. But here's some pictures from last week's baby group. My friends Edwina and Maureen have babies (Johnny and Abby) who turned one this month as well.

Here are Townes and Johnny on the way to play group. Johnny is Swiss-Australian and his mom and I are encouraging the boys to be best friends!

The trio of one-year olds are sporting birthday crowns that I made. (I had really big plans for a homemade Christmas this year...these crowns are about as far as I got!)

The b-day boys were worn out by all the excitement and slept most of the way home on the bus!


Rachiley said...

can't wait to see you @ home!!!

Edwina said...

I have to get copies of these!! So cute.