Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leavin' London

So it seems that September is almost over. That explains why I'm scrambling to pack up our bags and see a last few things in London before we leave this weekend. Coy is out at his going-away dinner now and I thought I should post these wonderful pictures from our last guests:

We had so much fun with Kristin, Lucas, and Myra. We always suspected that we would be good travel buddies and now the only question is where we'll meet up next!

We'll blog again once we're settled back to life in Zurich after a little trip to see a friend...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tales from a Part-Time Mom

Yes, it was nice to have live-in help last week. Townes's Grandnanny and Granddaddy came for a visit and we were happy to give them some alone time with their first grandchild. So Coy and I went to see 'As You Like It' at the Globe on Thursday. It's considered to be one of Shakespeare's least complex plays, written to simply please the people (hence the title) but we liked it very much.
It gets better...on Friday, we spent the night away from home. The place was quirky and cool with a literary theme to each room and a terrific Indian restaurant next door. It was my first morning since December 18th to not be awakened in the early morning by Townes and it was glorious!
On Saturday afternoon, we all went to High Tea at Harrods. Scones, crust-less sandwiches and mini desserts are much more filling than they sounds!
And to top it all off, Coy sent me out on Sunday afternoon by myself. A co-worker had given him a ticket to a professional soccer game, Fulham v. Everton. Coy decided that he would rather have the afternoon with the boy and so I got to sit in the third row on the midfield line surrounded by Brits who really love their football. (I also enjoyed riding a train alone...I read almost 200 pages of a book mom brought me!)

The return to my full-time position sunk in today. It's been grey and rainy. And Townes seems to be aware of what he's missing. He keeps making noises and looking at the door. I think he's waiting to see which grandparent might pop into the room to play. He won't be stuck with just us for long- Kristin, Lucas and Myra arrive on Sunday!

I wish I had more pictures to post from my parents time with us. Their week in London was very well documented, just not with our camera. It was so wonderful to have them here. Here's a shot from St Bart's:

Friday, September 04, 2009

The Buckley B&B

If you're looking for a cheap place to stay in London, we know some hotels to recommend but the spare bed in Townes's room has been booked up for weeks.

It was great to have Coy Sr. here for two weeks. During visits to Zurich, he has had to fit around our fairly busy lives. Here, the only thing we had to consider was Townes's need for two naps a day. Mr. Coy obligingly adapted to this requirement by taking morning and afternoon naps of his own. Townes loved having his PopPop (the grandpa name bestowed by Claire and Hailey) around and showed his affection by pulling chest hair as often as possible. Together we went to the Imperial War Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrods, the British Museum, and the Science Museum (where Mr Coy spent hours reading the details about steam power and airplane engines- it was definitely his sort of place.) We also spent most of our late afternoons in the park out back just watching the birds and dogs. Mr. Coy thinks we may have another Buckley engineer on our hands b/c Townes was fascinated by the wheels on his stroller and the two of them devoted a lot of time to spinning them and talking about the mechanics involved. A weekend trip to the Cotswolds was another highlight. We borrowed a car and drove around small quaint towns and spent the night in the village of Shipton-Under-Wychwood at the Shaven Crown, a hotel that has been in operation for seven hundred years.

The Buckley men:

Yeah, I think PopPop had a good time:

A few hours after waving goodbye to Mr Coy on the Heathrow Express, the Franz family arrived at our door for a five day visit. We had a wonderful time catching up with our friends who relocated from Zurich to Munich a couple of years ago. We also learned a lot about what's to come- Emily showed us how much Townes can learn in a year. She has an impressive range of animal noises and can communicate a ton with one word at a time. Many afternoons were spent at the park again where Emily introduced Townes to the wonder of bubbles and swings.

We're now awaiting our next guests- my parents! They arrive on Sunday morning for a week long stay. I'm super excited and have a long list of things to do with them. In the meantime, we're just laying low for a few days. Townes and I had to fly to Zurich on Wednesday in order to take care of logistical stuff. He did quite well considering the fact that we were definitely on the businessmen's flights- 8am and 7pm. All the suited folks were just looking at us in the airport with a sense of dread that they may have to sit beside us. Perhaps if they had stayed at our B&B and had the chance to see this guy when he wakes up, they wouldn't have minded so much. Come on: