Thursday, January 14, 2010


Everytime I watch this trailer, I am overwhelmed by the connection I feel to mothers around the world. And I want to trade in some of Townes's toys for some sticks!

Despite being vocally opposed to television for babies, Townes and I did watch a few things on the computer during our jet lag evenings together. It was a special time- we kept the lights low and stayed in his little room with our books and quiet toys. Coy downloaded some Pixar short films which are charming 3 to 5 minute cartoons. And we enjoyed one of my favorite computer-pastimes, watching movie trailers. Babies was, by far, our favorite. Townes laughed at the goat in the bath bucket. He didn't seem nearly as impressed by the remake of Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's kid but I hope he'll watch it one day with his Uncle Cy. (Nobody can quote Danielson like my brother!)

The jet lag has passed. Townes is back to sleeping through the night. I'm certainly not sorry but I did enjoy our midnight cuddles with a pile of books and shows.

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