Monday, January 11, 2010

Who needs pants?

Just read an article on the BBC website that was entitled 'Passengers remove trousers for No Pants Subway Ride'

(Yes, I often use Townes's naptime to stay informed on vital global events.)

As it turns out, No Pants Day began in NYC a few years ago but is expected to have participants this year in 43 cities around the world. And Zurich made the list.

Sure, there's snow on the ground and we're battling a case of the sniffles but T and I may hit the rails after his nap ohne Hosen. If nothing else, I'm going to encourage Coy to leave his trousers at the office on his ride home.


Coby said...

check out the people who started it. also, look at their other pranks. AMAZING! Found it first on NPR's show "THIS AMERICAN LIFE"

Jeff Battaglia said...

When did Coyster begin wearing pants to work?

Susan Powell said...

So fun that you found Improv Everywhere! Charlie Todd, a friend of mine growing up, started it in 2001. His book, Causing a Scene, is hilarious and goes through the backstory of the pranks. Do check out the website.