Thursday, March 11, 2010

This morning's cheerfulness was brought to you by

Schwarzenbach, a cool old-timey shop that has been selling tea, coffee, dried fruit and sweets by the gram for more than a hundred years in the Neiderdorf. I love strolling into this old shop with its glass jars and wicker baskets.

Townes is usually so busy looking at all the bright colors that he almost forgets to flirt shamelessly with the people around him. This is his favorite way to pass the time while riding in trams, buses, and shopping carts. He smiles and makes faces until the stranger acknowledges his adorableness by smiling back. If a stranger makes the mistake of smiling before the flirtation begins, Townes will have zero interest in interacting. Luckily, this is Switzerland and Townes usually gets to work hard to crack the serious expressions.

You may wonder why I would need caffeine to bring good cheer when my mornings are spent with such a charming boy. Here's the reason:

Snow, be gone! This kid is ready to play outside.


Braden and Anna said...

Love it! I agree, we need the beautiful spring weathe to come upon us. Although it will be easier for us to leave this place if it's still crappy out. Bring on Brinner!

christian and amanda said...

Does Coy have a matching sweater? Townes is getting huge! Levi is looking at his picture and saying "Hi-ey", which is his hybrid greeting.

We're ready for spring, too. Except Christian always enjoys back country skiing this time of year. The kids are ready for some grass!