Monday, April 19, 2010


With the exception of the neighborhood 4th of July parade that involved taping streamers on our tricycles, I've never been in a parade. But it seems to me that the Sechselauten crew has it pretty good: people bring you flowers, there are beer stations, you're accompanied by 500 horses, some folks are dressed like George Washington and the parade ends with a bonfire and an exploding snowman.

We've covered this holiday before on the blog but here's a few shots from this year's excitement:

Townes enjoyed the view from over his godfather's shoulders.

Here's our parting shot of remains from the snowman. The explosion was quick- only about 12 minutes. Looks like we'll have a sunny summer this year!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The duck flew the coop

Don't worry- Pierre is safe and sound. The once prolific traveler has settled into a sedentary existence on a shelf having been replaced as our favorite photography target by Townes.
The avian escapee was non other than Townes's lovey. The poor guy was probably just hoping for a new chance at life that involved less drool than his normal daily routine:

Yesterday, I looked away for a moment as Townes was showing his most beloved toy the plants on the porch and was shocked to turn back and see him releasing the duck back into the wild by shoving him between the bars. He didn't make it very far:

Thankfully, our neighbors did not require a ransom to be paid for the duck's safe return.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty Boy

This is what happens when you poop enough to need a new shirt while visiting the twins' house.

Ah, he would have been such a beautiful little girl.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Townes's Time with his Oma and Opa

So you may be wondering what Townes ate at the fancy restaurant mentioned in yesterday's post? Foie gras nuggets? Escargot puree? Nope, the little guy did not join us in France last week- he stayed home and ate his normal fare with his visiting grandparents.

At Christmas, my parents had offered to turn their next trip into a babysitting arrangement. My guess is that they expected us to enjoy a night or two away someplace close by...we thought that five nights in Burgundy sounded better! If they were upset by the plan, they never complained. I think the time solo with Townes gave them the chance to really spoil him!

I had been nervous about leaving Townes- he had only woken up without me around once (back in Sept when my parents babysat on my b-day in London). Also, we had out first health scare in the days before my parents arrived (Poor guy's fever spiked at 105.3 one night...Coy was working in Germany the whole time.). And lately, T has been showing signs of separation anxiety at church (They've been coming to find us in the service because he has been so inconsolable.). But leaving him with mom and dad worked like a dream. I credit Skype- Townes gets to see his grandparents every week and he really does interact with them on the computer by bringing them toys and playing peek-a-boo. He felt absolutely comfortable with them. I'm pretty sure they were happy too!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Three Faux Pas in a Three-Star Restaurant

Here's a quick lesson on what not to do:

1. Arrive at 7:30. You will be the only people in the entire restaurant except for the ample number of staff who will all turn to greet you.
2. Decide to wear your fancy dress, afterall it's a fancy restaurant. You will have much more skin exposed than the other guests.
3. Attempt to order wine with your meal. The waiter will scoff at your stupidity. Wait patiently for the wine sommelier to come for your wine order.

You are now ready to enjoy a breath-taking meal.

The cheese course:

Followed by dessert: