Monday, April 19, 2010


With the exception of the neighborhood 4th of July parade that involved taping streamers on our tricycles, I've never been in a parade. But it seems to me that the Sechselauten crew has it pretty good: people bring you flowers, there are beer stations, you're accompanied by 500 horses, some folks are dressed like George Washington and the parade ends with a bonfire and an exploding snowman.

We've covered this holiday before on the blog but here's a few shots from this year's excitement:

Townes enjoyed the view from over his godfather's shoulders.

Here's our parting shot of remains from the snowman. The explosion was quick- only about 12 minutes. Looks like we'll have a sunny summer this year!

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the blonde, the redhead, and the brunette said...

Holy Moly! i never thought i'd see Lars with a baby on his back