Monday, May 31, 2010

The Trains

The details that need to fall together to move out of Switzerland are many. My plan is to use this blog as a means of reflecting on the things that we have loved about living here.
I love the TRAINS in this country. We have logged a lot of hours on the Swiss rails- efficient, comfortable, punctual, and amazing scenery. No stressing about directions or who has to drive.

Here's Townes on our ride home from Lugano a couple of months ago:

And here's a close-up from our ride home on Sunday from a weekend in the mountains:

It cracks me up that Townes has probably been on ten times as many trains as our friends back home and that all of those kids imagine that trains look like this:

This picture is from July, 2005 when I had come to visit my boyfriend Coy who had moved here on his own:

Whew, five years have flown by!

Painful Procedures

About two weeks ago, I had a root canal. I had broken Tooth Care Rule #1 and had tried to open a water bottle with my teeth not knowing that Coy had been the last one to tighten the top. Big mistake. The root canal itself wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The IPod is crucial to enduring dental work- it gives you something to think about and something to help drown out the noise. I had belatedly realized that my earphones had been confiscated by my husband so I was left wearing these:

And then I found that the IPod battery was dead, at which point I began to cry. But only a little and I was alone. The tears paid off though because the dentist saw me wiping them away when he entered and then offered me his own IPod. German rage music can really hold its own against drills.

So if an IPod makes a root canal bearable, we need to find the trick that makes leaving Switzerland less painful. The day after my root canal, we had our initial meeting at the Gemeinde (like a town hall of sorts for just our neighborhood) to begin the process of deregistering as Swiss residents. That’s right, after five full years here for Coy, our time in Zurich is coming to an end. And even though it was our choice to go, it’s hard.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Himmelfahrt

I love the German name for Ascension Day!
We celebrated this morning by going to one of the big indoor city pools. Check out the slide:

Townes was not a big fan. He was screaming by the time he and Coy made it down. Oh well- he liked the baby pool and recovered quickly the few times we tried dunking him! It was so nice going together because I was able to do some laps and relax a bit in the outdoor sauna pool. Good times.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Playground Paradise

We have appreciated the unbeatable location of our apartment over the years for so many reasons- great Thai food across the street, four minute walk to the lake, ten minute walk to our church, two minute walk to the tram that takes Coy to work, five minute walk to grocery store, a handful of wonderful friends in the neighborhood, you get the picture. My gratitude has grown tremendously in the past few weeks as Townes and I have spent hours everyday at the park. The weather has been so wonderful that there is no question about heading to the playground...the only question has been which playground to enjoy. A quick stroll is all that we need to get to our choice of 3 terrific parks.

The smallest park has just skyrocketed up the chart in popularity this week for this reason:

Little boy paradise. Townes can now sit in a sandbox and watch humongous machines eat a building. He thought watching the trams and buses pass by while swinging was fun but this takes the cake. He waves his arms when the crane moves and talks excitedly when the claw opens and all of the debris is dropped into the dumpster.

So now you know where to find us most days!