Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Though I love the Swiss cowbells, I actually am referring to lovely deep chimes of the many churches in Zurich. Every quarter of the hour, you'll hear at least a small peal. And on Sunday mornings and Saturday evenings, the bells ring out for about ten minutes at a time. Townes loves the sound and will gong along happily. He even recognizes bell towers and will give a nice 'bong, bong' shout out when we walk past.

Now I must interrupt the pattern of blogging about the things I'll miss because I won't necessarily miss the petting zoo as we just went for the first time last week. But here's a picture of Townes checking out the elephants on Friday. And here's a link to the article explaining how one of those big boys escaped and took a jaunt through the main street of Zurich on Sunday!

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