Saturday, June 19, 2010


I suppose this one goes without saying. We will miss Swiss chocolate.
Founded in 1836, Sprüngli is the Zurich chocolatier. In my first six months, I carefully sampled their selection of truffles and chocolates in order to pinpoint my favorite. I would pop into a store when in town (this was back in the day of living way outside of Zurich in farmland) and buy one or two pieces. My favorite is hands-down the dunkel Nougat Truffe- it's a dark chocolate pyramid with a layer of toffeeish crunch in between the shell and the soft dark chocolate filling. Yummy.

Coy was really impressed with Merkur's range of chocolate bark.

You order chunks of this goodness by the gram. The dark, milk, and white chocolate have various things inside- nuts, peppercorn, fruit. They are so delicious but I think you'd have to be a trader to prefer it to Sprüngli- Merkur is the Bern chocolatier.

In addition to the confiseries, the Swiss have a way with sneaking delicious chocolate into planty of foods. Schoggi gipfli was the first word I learned in Swiss German:

That term has been put into use plenty of times over the years!


Rachiley said...

i think one of my favorite memories was being greeted with a chocolate croissant upon arrival and having on departure. and the plethora of chocolate in between...

christian and amanda said...

i've been waiting for the post on chocolate...I knew it would come. I've rather enjoyed all these Swiss blogs.