Friday, June 04, 2010


I'm guessing that cobblestones would not qualify for a 'Favorite things about Zurich' list that was made by any woman who wears shoes that are considered to be fashionably appropriate here. However, I am not that woman and my sneakers and tevas have logged plenty of kilometers on the rustic streets of Zurich.

Before Townes was born, I appreciated the cobblestones simply for their aesthetic contribution to the quaintness of the Neiderdorf (Old Town). I found them to be a charming, tactile reminder of how old this city actually is.

But after just a few weeks with a crying, non-sleeping baby, we can to love the cobblestones for their soothing properties and would take long walks in the older parts of Zurich. The full truth is that there is a random patch of cobblestones about 3ft squared around a tree near our apartment and a couple of times I just rocked the stroller back and forth over them!

The cobblestones have stopped putting Townes to sleep but he does make the cool 'Ah-wa-wa-ah' noise when we go bumping along. So in memory of my beloved Zuri cobblestones, I vow to never wear high heels when required to walk or stand for more than 30 minutes at a time.

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