Monday, June 21, 2010

Community Group

For our first three years here, our Monday nights were usually spent in the company of good friends from IPC. Our church encourages participation in community groups because it is so easy to feel unconnected to the congregation if you just pass through the big morning services. Our involvement in the Seefeld community group provided a wonderful rhythm to our week and a circle of close friends. For awhile, the group even alternated between meeting at our place and Lars's apartment up the street. We are so grateful for the discussions and prayers and fun shared with that group.

Despite our certainty that we would be the sort of parents who had a baby who adapted to our schedule and not the other way around, we soon realized that evening community group wasn't a good fit for fussy Townes. So in the past year, we've begun meeting with a community group designed to accommodate the complexities of having meaningful discussions with kids of all ages around! We have loved sharing family life with these other couples and it has been really good to be around friends whose parenting and marriage skills we admire.
Our community groups have encouraged, challenged, and loved us well.

As it turns out, I don't have a picture of either group so here's a mixmatch.
Philip meeting Townes when he was a day old.

The night I turned comm group into a belated Halloween photo op (I had made an octopus costume for T but had no where to take him in it!)

A hike with some folks from the original crew

The other day at the Women's Retreat with Maureen and Elaine

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