Thursday, June 03, 2010

Eating in the Season

I intended to take a picture in the fruit and veggie section of the grocery but it was crowded and Townes was grouchy so picture yourself in your local produce aisle. And now, if your picture involves an American grocery store, remove a handful of the fruits and veggies that you imagined because they are not in season!
I suppose there are annoying things about not being able to buy berries, sweet potatoes, mandarins, asparagus, cherries, etc all year round but think about how exciting it is for us here when strawberries return to the market!! A couple of months ago I was Skyping with Tirzah and I said 'Have you been eating asparagus like crazy? We've had it three times this week.' And I felt a bit sad for her when she reminded me that she can feed her family asparagus anytime she wants. Anticipation for produce may seem silly but I'm pumped about the two ears of corn that will be eaten tonight!

Here's the twins sharing an apple by the carousel.

I couldn't find a picture of Townes with any produce so this will have to do. The kid has a thing for chewing on shoes. We're satisfied that it is helping to create a rock-solid immunity system.

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This retrospective series is awesome... It might be inspiring more doubt in my mind about our thoughts of returning to the US, but thanks for reminding me of all the great things. Hopefully you can get a shot of the lake by the Chinagarten this weekend...