Thursday, June 17, 2010


If we had left Switzerland a few months ago, football probably would not have made the miss list. But football fever has once again overcome Zurich and I LOVE it! (Note to all American readers: the World Cup is being played this month in South Africa. The World Cup is a huge soccer tournament that the rest of the world watches with rapt attention. At the moment I type this, I'm guessing that almost every television in the UK and in Algeria is turned to the game. The US is doing pretty well so far- we tied against the Brits and Slovenia. The game against Slovenia was earlier today and we looked pretty strong. We would have won but the tightly wound ref made a dubious yellow card call that denied our 3rd goal. Why am I going into such detail? I'm sure you were all watching, right?)

On Wednesday, Switzerland surprised everyone by beating Spain, a team who some thought could go all the way. I love this quote I read in an article about the game: "Switzerland interrupted 90 minutes of defending for their lives with a goal that sent shockwaves through Spain."
To say that the Swiss were excited is an understatement. A cinema-turned-bar in the building next to our apartment is showing every game. After the Swiss won, the crowd cheered outside in the street for over an hour! Townes was pretty interested in the commotion and I was thankful that the game had not been later in the evening. Other parts of Zurich apparently kept the celebration alive much longer. This photo was taken by a friend in the neighborhood near Coy's office:

Yeah, wherever we live when the next World Cup or even European Cup rolls round, we'll reminisce about watching in a country where everyone is excited about it.
Remember this shot from when Switzerland hosted the EC in '08:

We watched a lot of those games on this huge screen:

I suppose we'll have to go back to calling is soccer again once we're in the States. Really though, when you compare soccer and American football, it seems pretty obvious which sport should have the rights to the name!

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zach said...

you'd be surprised how much coverage this is getting here this time around! loving the consistency with which you guys are blogging by the way; you should mover more often!