Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Half Birthday to the Boy-o

For those of you who are checking in with the blog now that we are focusing of the glamorous lifestyle of international jet setters (sausage and playgrounds- wow!), I must regress to being a baby blog. I need to pause from the Zurich-reflection and do some mama-reflection because Townes is a year and a half old today. Hard to believe it. With his actual birthday falling a week before Christmas, celebrating his half birfday may become an annual tradition.

Though he's typically a good sleeper (7:30 to 6), we have had a rough 24-hours so I'm just going to write some lists as a summary of our little boy.

Latest words: ocean, apple, awesome, wow, tractor, moon, ant, window, fan, fish, kick (this means both kick and throw),shoes, socks, no, mama, dada, bob (picked this up from a book), bus, cheese, boat, bike, whoosh (translation: airplane/helicopter and is accompanied by a hand motion), rmm/beep beep (translation: car/motorcycle/tram/train), ball

Animals noises: dog, cat, monkey, lion/bear/tiger (guttural roar for all 3), crocodile, owl, elephant, horse, sheep, pig, duck, cow, frog

Body parts that he can point to: hair, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, teeth, tongue, neck, hand, fingers, leg, feet, toes, knee, tummy

Enjoys: throwing things off the balcony (managed 5 utensils on Saturday), kissing the twins, walking around the park while holding someone's hand (at the moment, he prefers this to actually playing at the park), playing hide'n'seek under the table, strumming the banjo or guitar while his daddy plays, unloading the dishwasher (that's where he got the utensils for throwing!), his transportation-themed puzzle, waking up early, playing catch, reading, and he would happily eat sweet potatoes for every meal (This is a good thing- they're a staple in the Ghanaian diet!)

Recently mastered: the high five

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