Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Alps are dotted with hundreds of huts. Some of our favorite outings have been hikes in various regions of the country to spend the night in a hut run by the Swiss Alpine Club. The set-up is ideal. No need to haul your own food or bedding or felt shoes because these things are provided by the hut. (Yep, we've always had to shelve our hiking boots upon entering and don indoor shoes!) Communal sleeping arrangements have left me feeling a bit like one of Snow White's dwarves.

The two pictures above were from our inaugural hut hike in the summer before we were married. And the two below are from our most memorable hut hike that involved a few near-death experiences on some cliffs and way more snow than we were prepared for in June.

We were the only guests beside the hut master and his pal so we spent the evening laughing and drinking schnapps. The hut master didn't speak English but he spoke Spanish and German so we were triangularly covered! The schnapps probably helped to keeping the conversation flowing.

We hiked to this hut with Braden and Anna when I was about 6 months pregnant.

I had called ahead to get a feel for the difficulty of the hike and had just described myself as a 'beginner' rather than being preggie. I was reassured that the climb was quite manageable so we were rather surprised when we had to scale this rock while holding onto a chain! Coy said that he had heart palpitations watching my scramble a boulder with BB in the way!

Coy was able to go on a hut hike just a few weeks ago with Jeremy and a pal from high school who now lives in Geneva:

What do you think- could we make a career out of starting a system of huts in the Smokies?

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christian and amanda said...

we have a system of about five huts, i think they're yurts, around here that people ski to in the could probably set up a sweet spot on on the the big trails in the US...PCT, CDT, or AT. We have thought that would be a great summer gig!