Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ice Cream

Do you know how to say 'ice cream' in Swiss German?

I have no pictures of this Swiss brand of delicious ice cream even though I had a bowl tonight with our pals the Langans. Coy bought a Swiss chocolate and a Raspberry & Cream because he is an ice cream visionary when it comes to perfect combinations.

I will be adding photos of us enjoying a cone at the shop just down the street soon. Thank you, blogspot, for giving me the excuse to make the trip again.

In addition to the many flavors of Movenpick that I'll miss, going to the movies won't be the same when we leave. The theaters inset ice cream breaks into the films. It always catches me by surprise...watching your movie and then it just stops in the middle and the lights come on and everyone goes for a stretch and to grab some ice cream! At first it sort of annoyed me but now I like that it makes going to the movies a bit more social- you have the chance to discuss the plot with your pals and enjoy a treat. Maybe we could just keep the tradition up at home!


Anonymous said...

I miss ice cream breaks in my movies!


Anonymous said...

They sell that brand in Aus/NZ

- jw