Sunday, June 06, 2010

Our Church

The International Protestant Church has been our home church since Coy arrived. Actually a funny story about IPC is that I passed through Zurich for a night when studying abroad in '97. Another gal and I decided to check out the English speaking church that was near our hotel and we ended up staying so late that we almost missed our flight back to the UK. We had stuck around after the service for coffee hour b/c I wanted to talk to the folks who had made an announcement about starting up Young Life. Long story short, I was offered a job to come for a year as YL tried to break ground in Zurich. Flattered but eager to return to Rhodes, I practically forgot about the whole thing until I found myself back at IPC eight years later.

Anyway, IPC has been a wonderful part of our lives here. We have met some of our closest friends there- Townes's Swedish godfather, our Dutch neighbor, our German pal Heike, and our Swiss roommates who we lived with the first year. The common bond of our faith as certainly increased how close we feel to these folks. We have missed the pastor who left last year. Richard did our marriage counseling and we loved his style of leadership. Here's a picture of us catching up in the UK where he was studying at Cambridge:

We are a bit reluctant to return to the reality of denominations and an overwhelming number of churches to choose from based on likes/dislikes/theological minutia. Being a part of IPC has been refreshing because there are so many different backgrounds that the church holds the basics as a common ground but is flexible on some points. (And by basics, I do mean the big stuff- divinity of Christ, inerrancy of the Word, man's need for forgiveness and inability to earn it, etc)

IPC you and your sweet 11:30 kick-off time will be missed. (Ok, the starting time was a bonus pre-baby when sleeping in was an option!)

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