Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Guests

Today we said goodbye to our good friend Jeremy. It has been so fun having him around for the past few weeks! Though he has spent the bulk of his time traveling on his own, he is in the running for the prize awarded to 'Longest Stay.'

However that title is held securely by Coy's niece, Alysson, who may have accumulated an entire half a year in Europe during her two epic visits here. Just flipping through pictures of our time with her has reminded me of what an amazing opportunity it has been to get to know all of our guests better by sharing adventures, meals, and space with them.

Other awards worth bestowing: my parents receive the 'Frequent Flyer' medal for having crossed the Atlantic on our behalf more than anyone else.

These pictures provide the unneeded explanation to why they've made so many trips!

And Rachel deserves 'Honorable Mention' for having her plans for an autumn outing in Amsterdam with an ol' pal shot down on a paint ball field in Switzerland. Rach and I were at the Zurich airport when I received the call from Coy on his way to the hospital with his broken leg. She graciously sent me home to stand by my man and carried on in the Netherlands solo.

And 'Youngest Guest' goes to Silas Hartman who braved the Atlantic at just four months old back in '06!

We feel privileged to have had hosted so many of you over the years. It made our experience here feel less temporary because folks from 'back home' got to experience our Zurich life, meet our friends, and see that the day-to-day living doesn't feel like a trip to Epcot. So thank you, long list of friends and family who made the trip, for coming all this way and sleeping on our not-so-comfy pullout couch and letting me tell the stories that I learned from my 2nd grade class' tour of Zurich and helping us to feel like it is possible to maintain a deep sense of connection and community despite the continental gap. We Buckleys happen to believe that long-distance relationships are worth sustaining!

Also, please consider this post an open invitation to Ghana or Tanzania! We'd love to have you as our guests.

(oh, and Mr. Coy gets the "Most Likely to Want a Sausage" Award! This is a throwback to the "Midsummer Train's Dream" Post of 2006, roll over the photos for captions...)


kkm said...

ok, i luv this "list" altho i am clueless as to why or where you are moving. maybe it's cuz im a blog skimmer instead of a reader... but Africa?!? really!?! you owe me a newsy update, chica. pronto

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

Krista, mi reina, I was thinking of you this afternoon as we watched Switzerland pull a surprise win over Spain! I'll email and gloat more soon.

Anonymous said...

I am honored to hold the longest stay title and you guys may very well get a visit from me while you're in Africa. Though that trip will take a little bit more effort to convince the parents about :)

<3 Alysson

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

We would LOVE to have you visit us! And if you need help convincing your parents, let us know. We can give the same speech that we used when explaining to people why we feel like taking a baby to Africa is reasonable! We miss you.