Friday, June 11, 2010

Our neighborhood

I've mentioned plenty of times how much we love being so close to everything we need. We are a few minutes walk from our choice of groceries, the pharmacy, a handful of restaurants, some of our pals' apartments, the lake, and playgrounds!

The other night I walked to our video shop and was back with a movie more quickly than it would have taken to download a movie from ITunes. (I've often thought that I should blog about our proximity to a mini Statue of Liberty!)

And we can call an order in for pad thai and pick it up ten minutes. Yeah, many a night we've just decided to grab some Tiffin's instead of cooking. That's definitely a luxury we won't have in Ghana!

Here's hoping that it is possible to find a neighborhood in the States that is walkable! I found a cool website that ranks cities' walkability so I know that there are plenty of people hoping for the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

Can I interest you in #10 on the list - very walkable....

Though I have to wonder how San Francisco made it to *1 (bit hilly for my taste)