Thursday, June 10, 2010


Due to a crummy nap for Townes and a night out with the ladies, I'll be adding photos of our favorite playgrounds tomorrow. (I'm not sure if anyone other than my mom is checking in daily on the list but didn't want to disappoint. Tirzah referred to the list as my public way of personally grieving about our move. I like the sound of that and I think there's truth to it.)

OK- I'm a day late but I've just returned from our favorite playground of the season and I'm armed with photos!

This park has it all- swings/slides/shade/sand/swimming. The wading pool has just been filled up for the summer and it is a big hit with the kids.

To be honest, Townes is more interested in just walking around the park these days then actually enjoying all that it has to offer but he tries out some of the equipment.

When we're not at this playground, we can usually be found at the one just down the street with the view of the beloved construction site. And no stroll at the lake is complete without a long stop by the great park with the fountains and the mass quantity of sand. This picture is from January:

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J. said...

I'm reading daily.

I'd grieve too if I had to loose that public transportation system.