Monday, June 14, 2010


So I won't exactly miss hauling all of our glass, plastic, and cardboard out of our place and down the street but I'm proud of the level of recycling that we do here. It is pretty easy to manage because I can take the plastic and cardboard to our grocery store (though apparently taking pictures at the grocery store is an activity worthy of confused and mildly irritated stares from grocery store staff as I learned while snapping the above photo today!) and the glass dumpsters are on the way to our favorite walk. Recycling is highly encouraged here by the ridiculous price tag put on garbage bags. Of course I'd rather recycle than burn through a roll of garbage bags in a week. If only our apartment had a place for composting, we'd be set.

Which reminds me of a story from before my time here in CH when Coy was put in charge of recycling at the shared house with the 3 Swiss gals. Apparently they all thought that he was doing really well with the task until someone opened a door in the basement and found months worth of bottles and newspapers and cans! Busted.

Coy has come a long way and, at this rate with the amount of time/energy that we devote weekly to recycling, our moderate use of cloth diapers, and our reliance on public transport, we definitely qualify as tree huggers by TN/AL standards.

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