Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hailing from the hometown of the best BBQ in the world, it has taken an adjustment to understand that the word barbecue could mean anything other than pulled pork or ribs. Here when invited over for barbecue, it just means that there will be plenty of meat on the grill including multiple types of sausage.

The best sausage in town is served hot off the grill just down the street. It comes with a hard roll and a blob of mustard that will clear your sinuses for the rest of the day. When Coy's dad comes to visit, he suggests that we 'go get us a sausage' just about every night. (In addition to loving the sausage, he's also trying to relieve me of my cooking duties!)

Here's a picture of Sausage Island:

I have no idea what this place is actually called but it's just down the way where the Limmat River becomes Lake Zurich. It has a cafeteria-style setup and is only open in the spring and summer. When I took this picture yesterday, I could hear the oompaloompa music and see people dancing.

This picture was taken there by Fally when she and Bef visited a few years back. Lars joined us for the fun and, of course, the sausage!

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