Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Townes's Friends

I remember exactly where I was standing when Nancy told me that she was expecting. We had all been suspicious for some time at that point but she pulled a fast one on us with the twin surprise! Here's the girls out for a stroll four days before Townes was born:

And here they are last month at the breakfast table in Burgundy:

Townes loves Rachel and Julia and lately has cried if we walk past the bus stop without getting on to go to their house. He feels as comfortable in their home as ours and loves to give the girls kisses.

Now Edwina and I had been swimming buddies for a couple of months (Doing laps and then going for french fries at the pub next door is not exactly the picture of strong accountability partners but at least it evened out a bit!) when she popped into my classroom at the end of the 07-08 school year and said, 'I've been looking forward to tell you, I'm 12 weeks pregnant.' At this point I was about 11 and a half weeks preggo and had been eager to tell her my news!

There's so much to say about Johnny- Edwina and I have encouraged the boys to be BFFs and they really do complement each other. Johnny is way more physically advanced than Townes- he has been walking since before they turned one and is quite adventurous. Townes is the talker of the pair. (Though Johnny is learning both German and English at home.) I can picture the ways that the two will grow and think that they could have been good pals even without our motherly maneuvering. For now, they've been working on their high five and kicking the football back and forth.

Townes also loves time with Maureen's trio. Abby is the same age as T and Johnny. Townes likes Abby well enough but he adores Luke and just watches him with an open smile for the majority of their time together.

It has been a delight sharing this journey into motherhood with my friends. And I honestly believe that Townes will miss his pals. Annual baby group reunion sounds like a good idea to me!

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Edwina said...

Johnny is finally saying a few words - well namely bah for bye... about time!!