Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The tram system of Zurich is impressive. It crisscrosses the city with hundreds of stops and has prevented me from ever thinking that I wish we had a car. The trams run on the honor system which means that we buy annual passes and only occasionally have them checked. (I've probably had to show my card a dozen times in the 4.5 years here.) Coy walks about two minutes from our place and then hops on a tram which drops him at the KPMG front door seventeen minutes later. Though the other day Townes did scream for the last 3 tram stops of our ride (an embarrassing episode that my neighbor told me he had the pleasure of witnessing), he typically enjoys chattering to other passengers and watching out the windows. We are always offered help getting the stroller on and off the tram and people used to give me their seat when I was super-preggo. In short, I love the trams.

Here's a shot from Townes's first tram ride. We were on the way home from the hospital!

(To be accurate, I should mention that there are plenty of neighborhoods in Zurich that don't have a convenient tram stop. But if there's not a tram passing within a few minutes walk, I guarantee there's a bus that rolls through. Also impressive but the buses haven't made my list!)

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