Monday, August 30, 2010


Before heading to Ankaase last week, we stopped by the beach for a couple of days.

My vision of relaxing on the sunny beach while Coy and Townes built sandcastles wasn't meant to be. It's rainy season here so it was mostly cool and overcast. And the bigger obstacle was Townes's inexplicable reluctance to play or even walk in the sand. He liked sand enough in the sandboxes in Zurich playgrounds so I'm not sure what the hold-up was here.

Regardless, we spent a lot of time hanging out here

and here

A highlight of our walks was the fishing boats.

We also toured the old fort at Cape Coast that was used in the slave trade. President Obama visited last summer and the people we met who were selling snacks nearby were still talking about it. Two years ago when we toured the bigger fort nearby at Elmina, I was quite emotional about the experience. This time, Townes kept me rather busy and I did not want him to distract the other people on the tour. But it was still chilling to consider the history of this place.

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