Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Laundry Day

Our laundry room would have made the blog if I had listed things that I will not miss about Zurich. Tucked down in the scary basement (ok, the basement wasn’t so scary except for the fact that it was a basement which automatically makes it a place you don’t want to go at night), it brought me to tears of frustration once or twice. Just typing that makes me realize how ridiculous it is that I could lose my cool over laundry but, trust me, those machines had something against me.

With the boy-o out of shorts and his daddy-o out of skivvies, it was time to figure out the Ankaase washing machine. With four hands-on steps, it was a fairly involved process. Step one: fill drum with hose, add soap and clothes, wash. Step two: drain out water. Step three: Repeat step one, omitting the soap. Step four: Put the a third of the clothes into the spinner and repeat until all clothes are spun.

Drying was much easier:

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Tirzah said...

your are not the first one to cry iver laundry ;) And yes the one in Zurich was a nightmare.