Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not one of Townes' New Friends

We've been posting a lot about the friends Townes has been making over the past couple of weeks.

This was not one of them.

Yep, the largest scorpion I have ever seen. We thought maybe he'd been flown in from Maine. Townes had the warm butter waiting back in the kitchen.

Remember Ray Harryhausen's scorpions from the Clash of the Titans - you know, the ones that spawned from Medusa's blood? I think this one was their little brother.

The Ray Harryhausen Creature List: Scorpions from CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981)

The guard, Rocksin, found this scorpion in the bush outside of our gates. I've included a Ghanaian 50 cedi piece for reference - it's about the size of a quarter.

Safely disposed of back to the bush...after chopping off his stinger of course.

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