Friday, August 20, 2010

Off to village life...

On Tuesday, we left Accra for Ankaase on the VIP bus line. The VIP is, actually, quite VIP. It's airconditioned, not overcrowded and has a movie feature on the way up. And for 15 Ghana Cedis (USD 10), you can't beat the price.

Both movies were produced in Ghana. The first, called "The Game" was a multi-story drama filled with intrigue, assassinations and love trysts. The second one was about an arrogant son who murders his father, the chief, to try to take over the throne. Lots of blood and fighting! The volume was ear splitting, so the fighting was hard to ignore.

Luckily, Townes napped most of the time and so wasn't too worried with the angry people on screen.


Anonymous said...

We miss you guys, trips to the park are just not the same! Will write soon.
Johnny and Ed x

zach said...

looks very vip. lucky you didn't get nigerian movies with subtitles. pyure beef!