Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday with Neighbors

This is Michael, one of Dorothy's kids:

On Saturday, our friend Dorothy came over with her kids. Maggie, Emma and Nevin were also there - so Townes had plenty of playmates.

We begin working with the hospital on Monday. I'll be working with Richard Tweneboah, the Hospital General Manager, on setting the strategic direction for the hospital, in addition to working with their operational/accounting processes. We've also connected with the Country Director from the Millenium Cities Initiative in Kumasi. Overall, we're excited about the projects.

Kacey will also be working with Maggie as she sets up the preschool in the neighboring village. We'll both be busy!

We'll post more on the work soon...


christian and amanda said...

how much fuo fuo is the kid in the red shorts eating?

What a great looking bunch of kiddos and a beautiful garden. I'm enjoying all the posts. Book review coming..

Anonymous said...

So glad to see the beautiful tropical flowers and cozy home you are enjoying in Africa and the friends Townes has already. We will be following you mission/adventure there.
Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeannie