Friday, August 06, 2010

Townes's New Friends

Townes has already made a few new friends in Ghana:

the cat, Toulouse

and dog, Max

Townes likes to play ball outside the house

But sometimes Max is a bit of a ball hog...

...and quite too big for Townes to play a credible defense!


zach said...

glad that cheeky boy is having fun and that you guys landed safe. blog as much as you can. we'll be reading

christian and amanda said...

we'll be reading, too. glad you made it there.

Hope said...

Townes has grown! Every little boy needs a. Dog to play with

Coy E buckley Sr said...

Folks, i was certainly esstatic hearing from you today an also that
you made it over ok, love the pictures of part of your house and everyone. I will be looking for more eveery day.
love youall and looking foward to your return.

love you all very much,