Friday, August 13, 2010

Your World is About to Change

We noticed this sign on our first day in Accra, “Your World is About to Change”. It seemed appropriate not only for us, given our move from Europe and move to Africa, but for Ghana, as well.

Accra has changed quite a bit in 10 years. There are modern grocery stores, new hotels and offices complexes being constructed, and rising prices. Other than the construction, the most striking changes in Accra have been the cost, some of which can even equal the prices we’ve seen in Zurich.

As the Ghanaians decide how to deal with the wealth that will be created by the discovery of the Jubilee oil fields in 2007, life here will continue to rapidly change. To avoid the “resource curse” and to use the oil in a way that benefits all Ghanaians will be a big test for the country.

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