Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crazy Things We Try: Cocoa Beans

Ghana is big exporter of Cocoa. On Saturday, we travelled to Adanwomase to see the Kente cloth weaving. They also took us to their small cocoa farm.

After seeing where one farmer was putting his beans out to dry in the village, I got inspired to try my own. Here are our beans drying out in the backyard on a cookie sheet:

I had some grand notions of pulverizing the beans once they had dried further in our back yard for an ultra pure chocolate experience. After a bit of research this morning - it ain’t quite that easy. I haven’t given up, but don’t stay up at night dreaming of chocolate glory.

At least not yet.


zach said...

this is nothing personal or political but i think i like the flour mill bag and the star beer t-shirt better.

zach said...

that was supposed to go on the obama post.