Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Most mornings this is the first says that Townes says as I lift him out of the ol’ Pack-n-play. He proceeds to ask for Emma a few dozen times before it is even a reasonable enough hour to play with a friend. (Yes, Townes still wakes up before 5 on a regular basis despite the ending of the revival. Lucky us!) Once we have wiled away two or three hours with greeting the dog, playing with the many toy cars left behind by the doctor’s daughter (they’re all pink and belong to Barbie or Poly Pocket), and eating some oatmeal, it is finally time to play with EMMA! When Townes hears the gate open, his eyes widen and he starts repeating her name.

When you ask him to touch his eyes/ears/arms/etc, he correctly identifies the part and then says, "Emma eyes/ears/arms." Apparently, Townes and Emma once saw an airplane fly overhead while together because now when he looks for airplanes in the sky, he says "Emma airplane."

AH, new love. Can you blame the kid?

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