Monday, September 06, 2010

Gas is out!

In Ghana, you have to keep your tanks full. Both for your cars, and your stove.

Last Tuesday, we ran out of gas for the stove. Unfortunately, the entire Ashanti region is apparently also out of gas. We have heard that the station near our house would have more natural gas by Saturday. Luckily, our next door neighbors (who are away) had some for their stove, so we just borrowed a bit.

Saturday arrived - still no gas.

Sunday arrived - still no gas.

On Sunday evening, the next door neighbors ran out of gas. So we've moved on to the traditional coal stove. It takes a bit more time, sure. But hey, we always liked camping out.

The gas is supposed to finally be available tomorrow afternoon. We're not keeping our hopes up.

Kacey making an egg scramble on the coal stove. Notice the intense focus on maintaining the coals at just the right temperature:

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