Friday, September 24, 2010


Unlike some parts of the US, excitement for Obama has not yet subsided in Ghana. His image can still be found everywhere: on billboards stumping for the new president of Ghana (somehow I doubt this was officially endorsed by the POTUS), his face adorns t-shirts, he has his own kente cloth design, and heck, Barack even has his own fabric in honor of his trip to the Cape Coast Castle several years back.

Here are just a few of the Obama sightings over the past month:

Flags on the dashboard of a random tro-tro:

A satchel bag made from Obama fabric:

One of the many Obama T-shirts:

Obama’s Kente Cloth Pattern:

and yes, after weeks of hearing the rumors of their existence and searching provision stores throughout Ghana, we finally found the few remaining Obama Biscuits:

So how do they taste?

Kacey: “Snappy and Delicious!”

Coy: “Ehhh”

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