Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pure OJ - For Silas

I heard from Amanda, a good friend now living in Colorado (I say now living, because I’m not sure if you can ever say she’s from there - it’s hard to take the Mobile out of the girl, but I’ll let her correct me on this one), that the “Street Food” post with fresh coconut milk had inspired her son, Silas, to ask if he could go to the grocery store to get a coconut so he could try it himself.

Not sure how the coconut experiment turned out, but here’s another one to try.

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christian and amanda said...

not sure what that green on the outside pink on the inside citrus thing is....but we'll give it a go with our City Market variety.

And, no, you can't take the Mobile out of the girl. I met a couple form Fairhope today as I was selling rugs at a Wine/Music festival. They made me miss the smell of the half-salty bay and the sound of lanyards clanging against the masts.