Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coming Soon to Comedy Central

Townes’s sense of humor has been developing and we think his first attempts at jokes are pretty hilarious. Usually he hooks you with talking about animals. “Doggie tail,” he might say or “Cat tail.” Once he has you agreeing that, “Yes, a doggie has a tail” then he gives a little grin and tries out “Daddy tail.” When that gets a laugh, he’ll go back to listing some things that have tails before inserting “Emma/momma/Townes tail.”

His other big joke uses the same approach but with a slightly different punchline. For this one he names things that fly...”Airplane/Bird/Butterfly/Bubbles/Helicopter fly” before tossing in “Daddy fly” followed by a wry little grin and a “Nooooo!”.

His third joke involves a prop. Duck Hat:

Get it?


Tirzah said...

when did he get so big? ! what a great mix of both of you.

lindley said...

he is sooo cute!