Monday, October 11, 2010

His second love

Likes and dislikes can change quickly for this kid, but there appear to be a few constants for his stay in Ghana: Emma and drums.

When he sees drums, he calls them by name and says "Ba Booom Boom", usually hitting his stomach-turned drum.

Luckily, we are drum-rich here in Ghana. He's played them atop rooftops hotels, at the church, at the Kente cloth village (pictured) and just about anywhere else he can find them.

I think he's got pretty good rhythm - we'll keep working on it!


laurie said...

I love it that he loves the drums! I think his Memphis Grandmom needs to keep a drum kit for him at her house so Townes can perform when he comes to visit :)

laurie said...

hey, guys....I want MORE pix, MORE stories, MORE info, MORE pix (just post a bunch of pix), more insight, more stories....Hey Kacey- I check out your blog every day. LOVE YOU