Sunday, October 31, 2010

Me oh my how the time does fly

3 months - already gone. It's hard to believe, but we are making our preparations to head back to Accra on Friday. Ghana has treated us very well - we've seen Richie and Maggie's school mature into a well-functioning preschool, full of happy kids. We've had the chance to reconnect with some friends from 10 years ago, and make a few new ones along the way. Kacey is now a full-fledged Ghanaian chef, with a few new recipes to spice up the Buckley kitchen for years to come, not to mention Townes' tolerance for hot food.

School kids in Ghana have a great way of sharing praise. The teacher will ask the kids to clap for Townes, for instance, and so all the kids will perform a modified clap: [CLAP], [CLAP] FOOOOR TOWNES! The "for Townes" bit being reflected by the kids pushing their palms outward and sending the praise his way. It's a great way to share the love.

For those who have kept up with us in the blog for these last few months, we appreciate your continued interest and look forward to sharing more adventures from Tanzania!

But for now, we'd like to say,


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Anonymous said...

i love that--sending the praise out to someone.
blessings in your endings in ghana and beginnings in tanzania.