Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Street Food, III (or Nice Chop!*)

Quite possibly the best street food experience so far: RedRed (spicy beans, palm oil, spicy tomato sauce and onions with fried ripe red plantain) for 1 cede right outside of Adum in Kumasi. The name RedRed comes from the color of the spicy beans and the fried, ripe plantain - both of which are red. The powder atop this delightful dish is called Gari, which is dried, pulverized cassava.

The lady serving it up is a bit saucy herself, laughing at the obruni's who come by to eat her food. I don't think she gets many other non-Ghanaian visitors. All I have to say is that is that the RedRed is piping hot, the Ghanaians line up to eat it and, so far, it's 99.44% risk free.

* Chop is a slang word for "Eat" in Ghana. Examples include, restaurant street vendors, which are called "Chop Shops". Good food can be called "Nice Chop". Definitely the most memorable example: when I was here 10 years ago, a student volunteer was told by a Ghanaian after his supposed sloppy eating, "You chop like pig!".


Shannon said...

coy you're definitely in your element. wish we could pop down and visit you!

zach said...

me want some redred

Mickey said...

did the amazing race show people come anywhere near where y'all live? they did two episodes in ghana, but given my extremely limited knowledge of the country i had no idea if you were near the tapings.