Thursday, November 04, 2010

A few of the people who have crossed our path, cont...

Adu, the Choir Master

Adu is a little over 5 feet tall, but makes up for his short stature with an extra dose of life and energy. Whenever you see him, Adu's face will quickly light up with a big smile and an enthusiastic greeting. While he's always lively, Adu is most in his element as the choir director of the Methodist Church. When he leads the choir, his enthusiasm is at full tilt as he dances, sings and plays the tambourine - always laughing and smiling.

I wish I could adequately convey the way music captures so much about Ankaase - one needs to experience it. It's not an easy life here, but music seems to be such a natural outpouring of their hope and joy. Tonight, we had a friend, Dorothy, for dinner who also sings with the choir. After the meal, we played a bit of Ghanaian music as we were talking and almost immediately she was out of her seat, dancing and encouraging Townes to the floor, who quickly responded with a little hip shake.

Where music in Ghana captures a bit about everyone, it especially tells the story of people like Adu and Dorothy. We're thankful to have shared it with them.

Adu and his wife:

Suleman, a JS student in Ankaase

I met Suleman on Tuesday as he was walking up the hill from school. I've only met him twice, but he is a good example of the kids we meet in Ankaase: always curious about Obrunis and very interested to greet you. As we walked, Suleman and I spoke briefly about his school and his favorite teachers. My limited Twi didn't allow for much depth, but he seemed like a good kid.

Muhammed, or Mama

Mama is another one of the people I met when I was first in Ankaase. He works as part of the janitorial staff at the hospital. Mama is a soft-spoken and genuine man, who also tends the plantain farm behind our house. About once a month he will arrive on the weekend with a stalk of plantains twice as tall as Townes. We usually give about half of the plantains to our friends, and save the rest to pound for fuofuo or, when it ripens, to fry with RedRed.

When I asked to take his photo, Mama requested that we move inside of the hospital so that it could be taken next to the flowers.

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Adu has done well for himself...