Monday, November 08, 2010

A few of the people who have crossed our path, cont.

Julie, the Librarian

Julie fits all the nicest stereotypes that you may have of a librarian- kind, quiet, wise, and able to silence a table of teenagers with just a glance. The Reading Town Library was the creation of our friend, Anne Gongwer, who believes that the library has the potential to change lives. The library was opened two years ago and is a remarkable building with a very good collection of books. Students from the nearby schools spend hours there and Julie has high hopes of teachers seeing it as a valuable resource. Julie would love to see more people in town bringing their children or just coming to read but I think that this will come with time. Julie has the patience and presence to make it happen.

Leticia, KG1 Teacher at Royal Christian Academy

A first-time teacher who has just finished her studies, Leticia is one of the star teachers at Royal Christian Academy. Her class is learning by leaps and bounds and they adore their teacher. She is firm but loving and can teach while holding a stray kid who wanders in from the nursery class. Considering the fact that RCA has no textbooks and that the classes share slates and chalk, Leticia has been teaching most things through recitation, songs, and enthusiasm. Of all the classes, I look forward to teaching in KG1 the most.


Ema works at the house part-time. For the 10 years I have known him, Ema has been one of the kindest and most peaceful people I have ever met. He can also mow a field of high grass with a machete in his left hand. Ema has a soft spot for children and it's been great seeing him get to know Townes; they really hit it off - particularly when there were bubbles involved.

The Vegetable Lady at Ankaase Market

We had weekly encounters with this lady at the market in Ankaase, but sadly we never learned her name. Richie and Maggie simply referred to her as the Vegetable Lady. The Vegetable Lady gave us a tough time at first as we stumbled in Twi to buy our vegetables, but over the months she warmed to us and became a welcome sight when we needed to buy bananas, carrots or onions. When I stopped to say farewell and take this picture, I bought a bag of carrots even though we had a refrigerator drawer full - she is quite the salesman.

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