Thursday, November 11, 2010

A few of the people who have crossed our path, cont...

Harriet, a 4-year old at RCA
Harriet is one of those kids who has presence. She wasn't overly impressed with the obrunis at her school, but found a soft spot for Townes. Oftentimes, Townes would find himself lost in a group of students as they would press to get a closer look; this usually involved running their hands through his hair and occasionally a bit of pushing. When the crowd got to be too much, Harriet would step in and create some space. Afterwards, there was no need for acknowledgment or thanks; it was just something that needed doing.

Like I said, the kid has presence.

Coy met Clement ten years ago and we've kept a special relationship with his family since then. Clement is a quiet kid who is more comfortable just hanging out than talking. One of the only subjects that can elicit more than a single sentence response is music, specifically reggae! The picture shows him introducing Townes to some rasta tunes on a cd that he made for us.

Grace, Nursery 2 teacher at RCA
With an easy laugh and an inexhaustible supply of patience, Grace is the only person I know in the world who would be willing to teach 50 three and four year olds in one small room. The children love her and her use of songs and chants to teach. Though attention spans at that age are tiny, her class has learned so much in the first months of school. In addition to the alphabet, numbers and greetings in English, the kids have acquired Grace's enthusiasm. They cheer when Townes and I enter the room and again when saying goodbye at the end of a lesson. I guarantee that you've never seen any group of kids who LOVE singing Wheels on the Bus as much as this class! I admire Grace for her energy and sweet nature.

The Chicken

This is one of the domesticated fowl that lives around the school. He enjoys eating dropped bits of rice, re-establishment of the pecking order and sneaking into the kitchen. Occasionally, the cleaning of plumage is interrupted by a game of chase.

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