Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The mountain was out this morning

I remember the first time I heard the phrase, "The mountains are out this morning." It was on a trip to work with Andy Block on the 2 tram as we crossed over the Limmat in Zurich. It was an unusually clear day, and we had a fantastic view of the Alps.

The concept of mountains being "out" was a bit novel for me. Coming from the coastal lowlands of Mobile, AL, the only opportunity to comment on the visibility of landscape was when I would wipe the fog from my glasses on a humid summer morning.

It is a bright and warm summer day here in Tanzania and the most dominant feature of the surrounding landscape was out this morning, Kilimanjaro. The landscape is only of one of the numerous contrasts of Tanzania to our experiences in West Africa. So far, Townes has been a bit confused about where he is - he keeps asking for Roxin, our security man in Ankaase - but is generally pleased to be in warm weather and around people who are excited to greet him.

We will be moving out of the Umoja Lutheran guest house this morning and into our rented apartment. Once we get settled, we start updating more regularly with photos and blog updates.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the US!


Tirzah said...

happy t day back at my fav travelers. I love this shot I have always wanted to be in this mts shadow. enjy for me.

Anonymous said...

bravo! Thinking about you guys. Love the photos and commentary.