Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shanty Town (Won't You Take Me to)


Our new address - at least for the moment - is Shanty Town, Tanzania. Shanty Town is right outside of Moshi, and is quite lovely. We found the place through a German couple, who introduced us to an English family with some extra room in their guest house. It was nice to get out of the Umoja hostel, which was perfectly fine, but a bit of a tight fit with Townes. In the evenings, there wasn't much to do around the hostel, so we were left being really quiet in the room while Townes slept in the adjacent room blocked only by some really thin walls.

Despite being a nice place to live, Shanty Town feels a bit removed from the city - especially without a car. Most of our neighbors have large Land Rovers that take them to and from work. I have been reliant on their guest bike (where the first outing was greeted by a flat tire and lots of walking) and a taxi driver called Goodluck.

Given the distance from Moshi, we're not yet sure if we will stay in Shanty Town. Regardless, it has been a nice place to be for a spell and we've met some really nice people. The German couple who introduced us to Shanty Town, named Merenka and Heiko, have been great to get to know. They have a young daughter named Yael, who Townes really enjoys talking about.

So far, no giant scorpions in Shanty Town, but we were greeted by the cockerels (roosters) on our first morning at 3.30am. Townes was wide awake and responded with "Chickens...PUSH chickens....". He now realizes that pushing is bad and wanted to harm those who had initiated the 3.30 wake-up call. Hard to believe that we were longing for the days of the simple radio man at 5...

(We hope to upload some of our own photos soon. In the meantime, thanks to the Richardsons on TravelBlog for this photo!)

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