Friday, December 31, 2010

A 2-dimensional Christmas

Inspired by some Mennonite family blog, Kacey created a lovely Christmas tree made of wrapping paper. We spent Christmas morning placing some hand-made ornaments sourced from Townes's obsessions - trains, drums, the Gingerbread man, and a few others. It was a good morning, but unique in its inward focus. We hope that all the families out there appreciated the big gatherings, we certainly missed ours.

Luckily, my colleague from EFTA, Israel, invited us to his house for Christmas dinner. Townes had a blast running around the house with his grandson, Prosper, hiding his cars from the other kids, and meeting the turkeys, ducks and chickens that lived behind the house. The meal was a combination of Tanzanian specialities - such as spiced rice dish called, Pilau - as well as fried chicken. Thanks Israel and Rose for the great home cooking!

Townes having a blast with the Christmas ornaments:


zach said...

that little dude is loving it! glad to hear you guys were able to enjoy some food and company for christmas dinner.

christian and amanda said...

reminds me of the paper tree we had in Nepal for Christmas...we enjoyed our big family gathering this year. yessiree. Christmas morning was 19 people strong. Whew. glad to hear you got some good eats.

kkm said...

Hey--that is just like our tree in Caracas!!! i luv it!!!